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Graduation Sash Accessories & Add-ons
Sash Pocket
Sash Pockets

For only $5, add two pockets on the inside of your sash to carry your keys and cellphone.

sashes logo digitizing
Logo Digitizing Setup Fee

Complex logos or symbols not already in our embroidery library will require a digitizing setup fee.

The digitizing process requires transforming an image to stitches using a digitizing software, breaking it out into sections, colors and layers, to create all shapes in a format an embroidery machine can read.

Clear Cover Case Frame
-*: $
Clear Cover Case/Frame

COVER CASE(s) for enhanced protection and to USE AS A FRAME DISPLAY.

The back has a hole for you to hang it on the wall or it can be placed vertically.
After your graduation, fold your sash back in this packaging with your symbols
facing the front lid, and hang it or display and store as a precious keepsake.

This is clear plastic hard case made in Acrylic.
Size: 11" 13/16 x 5" 3/16 x 1"

3 items