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Our Vision
Pride Sash's vision was that one day, all graduating classes would wear sashes that symbolized and celebrated their unique identities and accomplishments.

Today, Pride Sash remains dedicated to helping schools, colleges, universities and affiliation groups build and express their pride.

Pride Sash's commitment is to provide the finest sashes while maintaining uncompromising principles while the company grows.

Through innovation and partnerships, Pride Sash continues to create powerful new ways for people to express their pride and mark life's biggest moments.

Pride Sash promotes high standards of ethics in the manufacture of its products. All our sashes are made using the finest quality fabrics and manufactured in a manner which is consistent with the U.S. Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act or the appropriate policies of their institution or corporation.

…thanks for all the efforts you have put forth over the last two graduations. We at the CSUDH University Bookstore appreciate how you have gone the extra mile in your service and quality of product… We look forward in continuing our relationship with Pride Sash and making our 2003 Graduation at CSUDH our most successful yet. Thank You.
Dan Gibbs - Store Manager- CSUDH Bookstore

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Call us at 310-973-0106 or send us a request for additional information about our custom sashes.

Check with your school’s bookstore to see if they offer graduation sashes.

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