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About Pride Sash

Pride Sash, based in Los Angeles, is a leading provider of graduation sashes and other sash products that help people celebrate important achievements and symbolize their affiliations.

In 2002, French designer Louis Boksenbaum was approached by a group of African American students who needed kente sashes for their graduation. He and his wife Joelle matched the designs and school colors and presented the final product to college bookstores.

They then decided to bring this beautiful idea to the rest of the graduates and they created Pride Sash. The concept was quickly embraced in California, and the popularity of graduation sashes started to rise nationwide. Pride Sash has secured the loyalty and trust of some of the most prestigious shools and universities in the United States.

Through its leadership and extensive professional expertise in the apparel industry, the Pride Sash team is dedicated to promote the highest quality standards to deliver exceptional performance.

Vision and Mission Statement


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